Should #Ticket Sellers Refund Booking Fees If Events Are Cancelled?

Via Ticketing Business:

Debate: Should booking fees be refunded?

7th May 2020


With TJChambers, Jonathan Brown, Chief Executive, Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR), and Steve Lee, President, Fair Ticketing Alliance

‘The issue, which has vexed ticketholders and left them out of pocket, has been hotly debated on social media and fans have taken to Twitter and other platforms to complain: Should ticket sellers refund booking fees if events are cancelled?

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By T_J_Chambers

Advisor / Consultant & occasional posts

2 replies on “Should #Ticket Sellers Refund Booking Fees If Events Are Cancelled?”

From the consumer point of view, I’m a yes. But it would have been good to have reps from Ticketmaster and Eventim in this exchange. There’s another side. The promoter and the ticketer may be ultimately the same company and whether they are or not they may have a common interest in the service charges not being refunded. So it can be that it’s not just an argument where the ticketer says we’ve done our work so we should be paid, but also an argument where the promoter has uninsurable show costs which can’t be voided and which the artist won’t contribute to.


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