#Ticketing Consultancy: Pay-It-Forward

During the current lockdown many ticketing organisations will be deeply concerned about the immediate financial survival of their company, the well-being of staff, the ongoing support of clients and the ability of audiences to eventually re-engage with live entertainment and events after the crisis.

The recent uptake in live streaming by some artists, or the online exhibition of previous performances may help retain interest in the art form(s).  But the ‘live experience’ is currently on-hold and social-distancing with restrictions on public assembly impacting any timetable for its return.

Event promoters and their ticketing partners have been wholesale forced to cancel or postpone events, and whilst some have devised schemes to convert advance ticket purchase into donations, essentially for many in the industry this is a period of massive negative revenue with the operational stress of refund requests swamping the sector.

So, whilst it may appear counter-intuitive, now is the time to develop your future strategy.


I strongly believe that to get out of this situation we are all going to have to work more collaboratively and creatively, utilising new technologies and business practises. So, this is my offer.

Confidentially contact me with your Name, Email Address, Company & Website details, and a brief description of your business, key issues or development needs.

If advice can then be provided, introductions made, networks engaged, or direct assistance offered in the development of next-stage strategies then count me in.

Please note, I’m a (sole trader) consultant, and not a bank, funding organisation or government agency, but do have some ticketing industry standing, commercial and M&A experience with international connections. (LinkedIn:

And if we do then work together, then I’ll accept payment on a discounted Pay-It-Forward or Payment Plan basis.


So, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Speak to you soon.




By T_J_Chambers

Advisor / Consultant & occasional posts

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